Songwriter / Guitarist / Performer
Studio Musician

Christopher Hoke

Songwriter for Rock, Pop, Country, R&B, TV, Music in Film & Advertising.
Winner of 2003 Guitar Center of Springfield, NJ Guitar Player Contest.
Studio Guitarist - Electric & Acoustic
Live Performer - Electric & Acoustic
Guitar player for Indian Boy, Sequoia,
True Acoustic & Blizzard the Ozzy Show.

He has performed in Puerto Rico on TV & Radio with Blizzard The Ozzy Show (An Ozzy/Randy/Jake & Zack - Sabbath Tribute Band).
Experienced Live & Studio Guitarist.
Studied Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Funk Guitar.
Guitar Instructor for many years with NJ's Guitar Center,Cranford Music & Private lessons.

" Write my Life down in a Song,
Pour it out for all the World to see,
She said Write on "
Copyright © Christopher Hoke

for hire

Studio work / Touring

Want Chris to write a song for you? Book for a live performance? Purchase the rights to use, perform or record his songs?

He is also looking for quality male/female singers to sing on his songs. To contact him, send a message with your info!

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